The Bus Bombing Edit

One day, in the beautiful streets of Tashkent, two Cherubs players, Max Hughes and Ignatius Hairston boarded a tour bus. It was going to be a way to explore the city and understand their fans. Then, the pair got off. Hughes immediately stopped at the sports store just next to the bus stop, and Hairston walked back to his Tashkent house. When the bus driver stepped on the gas, a bomb under the bus exploded, and 5 people were killed. 109 people were injured, 29 of which were amputees. One injured person was the Cherubs guard Max Hughes, who had a nail lodged in his arm, minor burns, as well as a traumatic brain injury from hitting his head on the floor.

The Investigation Edit

In the investigation, it was clear that likely the terrorist either planted the bomb while the bus was in the yard, or planted it while on the bus. The new suspect was Edward Snowden, who had been handed over to Uzbekistan and seen creeping through every closed off property. However, a security camera on the bus revealed that a man in a cowboy hat, with a white beard, left a mysterious bag on the bus, and that bag likely included the bomb. This person was wearing a Wyoming Aardvarks cap, and left minutes before the bomb exploded. He was identified as Randall Lynch, an assistant for the Wyoming Aardvarks.

Randy Lynch ShootingEdit

Just as Randy Lynch was identified and captured, a man in a trench coat fired a two shots. One hit Lynch in the shoulder, the other brazed by one of the cops' ears. Randy Lynch was rushed to the hospital, and initially was going to have his arm amputated. However, they were too late, and 10 hours after the shot, he had an infection, he had lost a pint amount of blood, and still had the bullet lodged in his shoulder. Doctors decided to leave him to die as he would likely be executed anyways for terrorism. He was in a coma for two weeks, and eventually died. The man in the trench coat was not identified.

Galloway/Hairston incidentEdit

In a casino hotel in Cheyenne Wyoming, Hunter Galloway was having some fun before a charity event a couple miles away. While he had what he told the bartender would be his last drink, a man walked behind him, slipped a vial of cobra venom into his drink, and then left. On his way out, a casual Aardvarks fan asked for his autograph, as it was Cherubs cornerback Ignatius Hairston. Hairston proceeded to leave the country and not be found. Galloway returned home by taxi, as he was drunk, and at home he dropped dead while drinking a bottle of water.