• Miles Colon, Missiles HC, Lazy players improve faster
  • Brandon Wise, Missiles AC, Wide Receivers improve faster
  • Evan Peters, Missiles OC, Humble players improve faster
  • Justin Stearns, Missiles DC, Overreactive players  improve faster
  • Oliver Hutchinson, Missiles STC, Kickers have an increased chance of making field goals from 50 or more yards.
  • Roi David, Missiles S&C, Defensive players heal much faster


  • Ashton McClure, Aardvarks HC, Downers improve faster
  • Shawn Brooks, Aardvarks AC, Greedy players improve faster
  • Dominick Philips, Aardvarks OC, Offensive Tackles improve faster
  • Nolan Cornish, Aardvarks DC, Defensive Tackles improve faster
  • Issac Hardison, Aardvarks STC, the Kick and Punt Returners perform better at their listed positions.
  • Ruben Jones, Aardvarks S&C, Major injuries heal faster

Bone CrushersEdit

  • Aidan Odom, Bone Crushers HC, Focused Players improve faster
  • Alfred Chelsea, Bone Crushers AC, Nearly no chance of arrest or suspension.
  • Joseph Swanson, Bone Crushers OC, Runningbacks improve faster
  • Rob Danhiael, Bone Crushers DC, gain 5 million cap space.
  • Ethan Lamb, Bone Crushers STC, Special teamers who went to college west of the Mississippi River improve faster.
  • Beau McCoy, Bone Crushers S&C, opponent has more injuries.


  • William Lee, Outlaws HC, Disciplined Players improve faster
  • Felix Moises, Outlaws AC, Defensive Ends improve faster
  • Daniel Marcus, Outlaws OC, Quarterbacks improve faster
  • Brian Newbury, Outlaws DC, Cornerbacks improve faster
  • Michel Calhoun, Outlaws STC, Kickers improve faster.
  • Nolan Thacker, Outlaws S&C, After each game, 1 random player has his maximum OVR raised.


  • Jonathan Winkler, Monsters HC, hardworking players improve faster
  • Wyatt Bilson, Monsters AC, Leaders improve faster
  • Roger Patrick, Monsters OC, Centers and Offensive Guards improve faster
  • Keith Barr, Monsters DC, Safeties improve faster
  • Landon Guillory, Monsters STC, Punters improve faster.
  • Jared Reid, Monsters S&C, Major injuries occur less often


  • Jackson Payne, Freeze HC, Players who went to college in SEC Improve faster
  • Keith Slayton, Freeze AC, Players who went to college in ACC improve Faster
  • Arnoldo Torres, Freeze OC, Players who went to college in Pac-12 improve faster
  • Drew Gallant, Freeze DC, Linebackers improve faster
  • Hudson Pence, Freeze STC, Kick and Punt Returners improve faster.
  • Dalton McBride, Freeze S&C, Minor injuries occur less often


  • Gabriel Novak, PED Users improve faster
  • Stephen Coon, Arrogant players  improve faster
  • Leonard Levy, Players who went to college in Big 10 improve faster
  • Josiah Reid, Players above 90 OVR will not go below 85.
  • Kyle Beckman, Thugs improve faster
  • Hamilton Lee, After each game, 1 random player has his minimum OVR raised.
  • Lewis Watson, Minor injuries heal faster
  • Jimmy Friedman, Minor injuries have a smaller impact
  • Max Barnhardt, Offensive players heal much faster
  • Tristan Cole, no special teamer regresses.
  • Brody Ybarra, Special teamers who went to college east of the Mississippi River improve faster.
  • Giovanni Pirelli, You may put one special teamer to his minimum OVR, and put one other player to his maximum OVR, or 82 (whichever is lower).

HC=Head Coach

AC=Assistant Coach

OC=Offensive Coordinator

DC=Defensive Coordinator

STC=Special Teams Coordinator

S&C=Strength and Conditioning Coach