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The Cuba Missiles (Los Misiles de Cuba) are the most decorated sports franchise in Communist Cuba. We pledge allegiance to El Jefe Fidel Castro. 

Owner and GM: Alex Gomez, one-time SFL Executive of the Year and C.E.O. of #Winning Sports Management, Inc., which also owns the NSBL's Cuba Revolución and the GSHL's Chelyuskin Chinooks.

Colors: Red, Blue, Grey, White, Black

Formerly the one-time Super Bowl champion Uzbekistan Cherubs


Stadium: Che Guevara Dome (El Domo de Che Guevara), aka "The Che", "The Che Dome", "El Che" - Havana, Cuba

Seating: 120,000

Mascot: Pedro the Cuban Cigar and his Mariachi Dancers, stars of the in-game soap opera, "Pedro y la Luna"

Television Rights: Univisión (U.S.), Telemundo (International)

One game per year held at Guantanamo Bay, seating 10,000 lucky winners - The annual Guantanamo Classic!

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Pedro taking a late-night stroll

Other Stadium Features: The stadium has 5 decks - A tall building which dominates the Havana skyline! There are 6 beautiful pools for premium season ticket holders! There are also many windows throughout the dome, offering world-class views of the beautiful city of Havana! You can even see Guantanamo Bay! There are 20 foot tall statues of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara near the 50 yard line, facing opposite to each other! When the Missiles score a touchdown, Pedro and his dancers run onto the field, withloud music playing and the security guards firing their AK-47s in the air. This makes for the greatest fan experience in all of the Sim Football League! 

Statues outside the Stadium: Vincenzo Berlin and Abdul Rashid Abdoujaparov, "The Catch" (Rosario Mathis to win the first Super Bowl)

Retired Numbers: #28 (Lance Timlin), #44 (Rosario Mathis), #59 (Cuban Revolution), #85 (Robbie Hall), #94 (Hector Lovierto)


Payroll: $181 million

QB #7 Vincenzo Berlin, Kansas, OVR=97-86-100-Accuracy-$8.5 Mil (5)-Leader

RB #32 Dallas Lehman, Florida, OVR=85-85-90-Pass Catching-$6.5 Mil (3)-Leader

RB #21 Grant Billings, Clemson, OVR=63-63-68-Blocking-$4 Mil (1)-Overreactive

WR #81 Dante Paquette, Washington, OVR=90-85-95-Speed-$6.5 Mil (1)-Humble

WR #83 Dakota Compton, Clemson. OVR=82-67-95-Hands-$7 Mil (3)-Downer

WR #17 Trevor O'Brien, USC. OVR=75-74-98-Route Running-$5 Mil (2)-Focused

WR #11 Bryce Justice, Buffalo, OVR=71-62-88-Strength-$1.5 Mil (1)-Lazy

TE #46 Tim Hatcher, TCU, OVR=82-80-87-Size-$2.5 Mil (2)-Humble

TE #84 Jay Cosby, Missouri, OVR=78-71-100-Strength-$4 Mil (3)-Lazy

OT #51 Phil Allen, Ole Miss, OVR=79-78-99-Run Blocking-$6 (2)-Downer

OT #66 Samuel Cash, Maryland. OVR=95-89-96-Pass Blocking-$7 Mil (4)-Downer

OT #77 Frank Doherty, Rutgers, OVR=66-66-100-Footwork-$5.5 Mil (1)-Greedy

OT #72 Ronnie Goodwin, Alabama. OVR=72-61-89-Toughness-$5.5 Mil (2)-Lazy

OT #71 Eric Chamberlain, Michigan, OVR=68-62-77-Arm Strength-$1 Mil (3)-Humble

OG #60 Lorenzo Connors, Arkansas, OVR=93-93-98-Weight-$6 Mil (4)-Lazy

OG #64 Owen Hitchcock, Minnesota. OVR=85-78-89-Weight-$5 Mil (2)-Humble

OG #70 Max Hughes, Penn St., OVR=82-75-96-Run Blocking-$4 Mil (2)-Leader

OG #61 John Anthony, South Carolina, OVR=57-45-99-Toughness-$.5 Mil (2)-Humble

C #58 Christian White, Indiana, OVR=87-80-97-Snapping Accuracy-$3 Mil (3)-Hardworking

C #69 Pierre Marchall, Boise State, OVR=56-56-74-Longnapping-$.5 Mil (2)-Overreactive

DE #93 Adrian Abbott, Mississippi St., OVR=92-87-98-Run Stop-$6 Mil (3)-Humble

DE #52 Dylan Lyles, Ohio State, OVR=90-65-95-Pass Rush-$6.5 Mil (4)-Leader

DE #74 Mason Pemberton. Penn St. OVR=61-48-82-Strength-$1.5 Mil (2)-Humble

DE #92 Tristan Kidd, Minnesota. OVR=47-47-54-Size/Ball Swatting- $1 Mil (3)- Disciplined

DT #98 Ezekiel Clarke, Auburn, OVR=90-81-99-Toughness-$8 Mil (3)-Lazy

DT #75 Omar Wheeler, Oregon, OVR=83-45-96-Run Stop-$4 Mil (3)-Humble

DT #90 Jayden Reyes, Clemson, OVR=76-76-76-Toughness-$5 Mil (4)-Greedy

DT #54 Luis Bruno, Fresno St., OVR=58-48-82-Agility-$1.5 Mil (3)-Arrogant

DT #99 Andrew Bell, Louisiana-Lafayette, OVR=49-45-99-Special Teams-$1 Mil (4)-Hardworking

OLB #95 Rory Collinson, Minnesota. OVR=89-80-100-Speed-$6.5 Mil (4)-Leader

OLB #55 Bryce Tubbs, LSU, OVR=77-45-84-Pass Coverage-$5 Mil (2)-Disciplined

OLB #91 Tyson Burdict, Northern Illinois, OVR=69-64-87-Moves-$3.5 Mil (3)-Humble

OLB #50 Kevin Richardson, UNLV, OVR=60-50-74-Agility-$2 Mil (3)-Humble

ILB #53 Oliver Dost, Kansas St., OVR=93-76-98-Run Stop-$7.5 Mil (3)-Arrogant

ILB #96 Simeon Cox, Oregon, OVR=74-69-89-Pass Coverage-$4.5 Mil (4)-Hardworking

CB #27 DeSharquan Jones, Marshall, OVR=91-81-100-Pass Coverage-$9 Mil (4)-Greedy

CB #26 Justin Endicott, Notre Dame, OVR=65-60-85-Deflecting-$2.5 Mil (1)-Humble

CB #31 Lee Reid, Ohio St. OVR=61-45-87-Deflecting-$2.5 Mil (2)-Disciplined

CB #24 Ricky Haslam, Louisiana Tech, OVR=59-45-99-Toughness-$2 Mil (3)-Lazy

S #37 Joss Dennison, Connecticut. OVR=87-58-93-Tackling-$6 Mil (3)-Thug

S #41 Jordan Beverly, Florida, OVR=84-83-94-Tackling-$6 Mil (2)-Downer

S #29 Connor Ogden, Stanford, OVR=73-53-89-Reading QB-$2.5 Mil (3)-Hardworking

S #25 Jackson Moleman, Mississippi St., OVR=67-54-86-Speed-$4 Mil (3)-Disciplined

K #3 Joshua Roper, UCLA. OVR=91-90-100-$1 Mil (3)-Disciplined.

P #6 Dalton Huang, Massachusetts. OVR=74-70-99-$1 Mil (2)-Hardworking.

Coaching StaffEdit

Head Coach: Abdul Rashid Abdoujaparov - Lazy players improve faster

Assistant Head Coach: Brandon Wise - Wide Receivers improve faster

Offensive Coordinator: Evan Peters - Humble players improve faster

Defensive Coordinator: Stephen Coon - Arrogant players improve faster

Quarterbacks Coach: DeAngelo Berlin

Running Backs Coach: Rudo Parikh

Wide Receivers Coach: Rosario Mathis

Offensive Line Coach: Robbie "Redneck" Johnson

Defensive Line Coach: Charles O'Leary

Linebackers Coach: Hector Lovierto

Defensive Backs Coach: Lance Timlin

Special Teams Coach: Juan Pablo Mañuel Cortéz

Head Trainer: Koji Takahashi

Special Assistants: Cegrum Nash, Ryan Lerner, Nigel Bradley, Miles Colon, Usmail De Los Santos