How Free Agency WorksEdit

Round 1Edit

Free agents will sign with the team that offers the most money. Each team can only make one offer. If there is a tie, then the player's character is important.


Focused Players, Disciplined Players, Humble Players, and Leaders will choose the team with a better chance of winning.

Arrogant Players, Greedy Players, and Overreactive Players will choose the team with the best chance of them starting.

Other players will let a bidoff occur.

ALSO: Greedy players demand to be paid more than their previous contract. Humble players can be paid up to 25% less.

Round 2Edit

Players sign with the team that gives the most money. Tiebreaker for ALL players is the team that gives them the best chance of starting. Greedy players cost $1 Mil more than the bid.

Players by Original TeamEdit

Available Players in Bold

Cuba MissilesEdit

  • Aaron Lynch, QB OVR=69-62-75-Playcalling-$-Humble
  • Gabriel Sprague, WR OVR=78-56-88-Jumping-$-PED User
  • Kevin Richardson, OLB OVR=60-50-74-Agility-$-Humble
  • Julio Kennedy, CB OVR=47-47-69-Kick Returning-$-PED User
  • Noah Carlisle, S OVR=53-45-81-Kick Returning-$-PED User

Wyoming AardvarksEdit

  • John Warden, QB OVR=66-50-86-Scrambling-$-Disciplined
  • Quentin Madrigal, WR OVR=61-61-89-Route Running-$-Leader
  • Seth Kriedler, C OVR=45-45-80-Longsnapping-$-Disciplined
  • Ezekiel Clarke, DT OVR=90-81-99-Toughness-$-Lazy
  • Devin Starks, S OVR=63-55-88-Speed-$-Downer

Minnesota Football TeamEdit

  • Oscar Wahl, WR OVR=47-46-54-Agility-$-Humble
  • Eli Willis, DT OVR=61-50-84-Weight-$-Leader
  • Bryce Tubbs, OLB OVR=77-45-84-Pass Coverage-$-Disciplined
  • Darrin Horton, ILB OVR=64-51-80-Size-$-Humble

Miami MonstersEdit

  • Corey Masters, WR OVR=75-63-82-Speed-$-Downer
  • Logan Fox, WR OVR=56-45-88-Diving-$-Overreactive
  • Ronnie Goodwin, OT OVR=72-61-89-Toughness-$-Lazy
  • Grant Gary, S OVR=45-45-69-Kick Returning-$-Overreactive

Omaha OutlawsEdit

  • Trevor O'Brien, WR OVR=75-74-98-Route Running-$-Focused
  • Keegan Shirley, WR OVR=46-45-76-Jumping-$-Leader
  • Gale Popovic, OT OVR=79-76-95-Footwork-$-PED User
  • Aaron Lester, OT OVR=52-52-54-Special Teams-$-Leader
  • Bill Greene, OG OVR=91-67-96-Run Blocking-$-Arrogant
  • Julian Florence, ILB OVR=59-51-65-Pass Coverage-$-Leader
  • Landon Young, S OVR=78-55-93-Pas Coverage-$-Lazy

New York Bone CrushersEdit

  • Matt Paris, QB OVR=52-45-69-Playcalling-$-Focused
  • Everett Simpkins, WR OVR=94-89-99-Diving-$-Thug
  • Kwame Gebrezghi, DT OVR=95-67-100-Run Stuff-$-Arrogant
  • Wesley Brenner, ILB OVR=78-70-85-Strength-$-Thug

Signed Free AgentsEdit

Signed by Cuba MissilesEdit

  • Trevor O'Brien, WR OVR=75-74-98-Route Running-$5 Mil (?)-Focused
  • Ronnie Goodwin, OT OVR=72-61-89-Toughness-$5.5 Mil (?)-Lazy
  • Ezekiel Clarke, DT OVR=90-81-99-Toughness-$8 Mil (?)-Lazy
  • Bryce Tubbs, OLB OVR=77-45-84-Pass Coverage-$5 Mil (?)-Disciplined
  • Kevin Richardson, OLB OVR=60-50-74-Agility-$2 Mil (?)-Humble

Signed By Wyoming AardvarksEdit

  • Everett Simpkins, WR OVR=94-89-99-Diving-$10.5 Mil (?)-Thug
  • Seth Kriedler, C OVR=45-45-80-Longsnapping-$1 Mil (?)-Disciplined
  • Eli Willis, DT OVR=61-50-84-Weight-$3 Mil (?)-Leader
  • Devin Starks, S OVR=63-55-88-Speed-$3.5 Mil (?)-Downer

Signed By Minnesota FreezeEdit

  • Dante Jolly, DE OVR=85-47-98-Pass Rush-$6 Mil (?)-Arrogant
  • Kwame Gebrezghi, DT OVR=95-67-100-Run Stuff-$8.5 Mil (?)-Arrogant
  • Noah Carlisle, S OVR=53-45-81-Kick Returning-$.5 Mil (?)-PED User

Signed By Miami MonstersEdit

  • Keegan Shirley, WR OVR=46-45-76-Jumping-$1 Mil (?)-Leader
  • Bill Greene, OG OVR=91-67-96-Run Blocking-$6.5 Mil (?)-Arrogant
  • Grant Gary, S OVR=45-45-69-Kick Returning-$1 Mil (?)-Overreactive

Signed By Omaha OutlawsEdit

  • Quentin Madrigal, WR OVR=61-61-89-Route Running-$4.5 Mil (?)-Leader
  • Gabriel Sprague, WR OVR=78-56-88-Jumping-$4.5 Mil (?)-PED User
  • Gale Popovic, OT OVR=79-76-95-Footwork-$3 Mil (?)-PED User
  • Aaron Lester, OT OVR=52-52-54-Special Teams-$1.5 Mil (?)-Leader
  • Julian Florence, ILB OVR=59-51-65-Pass Coverage-$2 Mil (?)-Leader
  • Landon Young, S OVR=78-55-93-Pass Coverage-$4 Mil (?)-Lazy

Signed by New York Bone CrushersEdit

  • Aaron Lynch, QB OVR=69-62-75-Playcalling-$3 Mil (?)-Humble
  • Corey Masters, WR OVR=75-63-82-Speed-$4 Mil (?)-Downer
  • Wesley Brenner, ILB OVR=78-70-85-Strength-$4.5 Mil (?)-Thug

Free Agency Round 2Edit

Unsigned VeteransEdit

  • Logan Fox, WR OVR=56-45-88-Diving-$-Overreactive

Undrafted Unsigned Free AgentsEdit

  • Cyprus Archer, Marshall WR. OVR=58-46-77-Stength-$-Lazy
  • Angel Valdez, San Diego St TE. OVR=53-53-69-Long Snapping-$-Greedy
  • Nelson Frost, Southern Illinois OT. OVR=67-55-77-Agility-$-Arrogant
  • Vince Kaiser, Tulane OT. OVR=64-48-100-Weight-$-PED User
  • Steven Lockwood, Missouri St OT. OVR=55-51-78-Arm Strength-$-Focused
  • Graham Wilks, Bowling Green OT. OVR=51-45-94-Special Teams-$-Greedy
  • Lincoln Kidd, Oklahoma St OG. OVR=68-56-87-Size-$-Greedy
  • Trenton Burkett, Ohio St OG. OVR=55-54-74-Agility-$-Arrogant
  • Gregory Jackson, Northern Iowa OG. OVR=47-47-88-Arm Strength-$-Lazy
  • Jacoby Alexander, Connecticut C. OVR=54-45-79-Footwork-$-Overreactive
  • Matt Brannum, Oklahoma DT. OVR=74-70-82-Pass Rush-$-Leader
  • Nigel Love, Marshall DT. OVR=59-45-69-Strength-$-Greedy
  • Jimmy Nash, Louisiana Tech DT. OVR=53-52-84-Agility-$-Humble
  • Jamal Walters, Southern Mississippi OLB. OVR=62-62-76-Toughness-$-Arrogant
  • Rex Hilliner, Stanford ILB. OVR=62-55-84-Pass Coverage-$-Overreactive
  • Chris Gimenez, Wisconsin CB. OVR=49-48-86-Kick Returning-$-Overreactive
  • Jonnie Woodburn, Clemson S. OVR=67-59-71-Coverage-$-Greedy
  • Isaac Berk, Temple S. OVR=57-47-87-Reading QB-$-PED User
  • Austin Wynn, Michigan St K. OVR=78-65-98-$.5 Mil-Greedy.
  • Ryan Smith, Tulane K. OVR=57-42-88-$-Overreactive.
  • John Thome, Missouri K. OVR=49-45-99-$-Thug.
  • Levi Cox, Houston P. OVR=85-82-95-$-Downer.
  • Brayden Jewels, Colorado P. OVR=60-45-99-$-Greedy.
  • Allen Michaels, Middle Tenessee P. OVR=53-51-89-$-PED User.
  • Chris West, UNLV P. OVR=45-45-65-$-Focused.

Signed Round 2 Free AgentsEdit

Wyoming AardvarksEdit


Miami MonstersEdit

  • Ryan Anderson, Illinois QB. OVR=55-53-99-Scrambling-$2.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • Josiah Rennick, Hawaii S. OVR=45-45-99-Strength-$1.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • Dane Corey, Georgia TE. OVR=58-45-87-Speed-$1.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Patrick Shy, Old Dominion OLB. OVR=53-49-99-Moves-$1.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Patrick Hoery, Ohio St OT. OVR=47-45-89-Toughness-$1.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • Grant Beach, UCLA P. OVR=68-60-89-$1 Mil-Disciplined.
  • Sebastian Beavers, Tuskegee DE. OVR=56-51-98-Toughness-$2.5 Mil-Greedy
  • Victor Hannah, Kent St OG. OVR=63-63-95-Strength-$3 Mil-Leader
  • Darrin Horton, ILB OVR=64-51-80-Size-$1.5 Mil-Humble
  • Julio Kennedy, CB OVR=47-47-69-Kick Returning-$1.5 Mil-PED User
  • Patrick Shy, Old Dominion OLB. OVR=53-49-99-Moves-$1.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Eugene Roth, Notre Dame K. OVR=65-59-78-$.5 Mil-Leader.

Cuba MissilesEdit

  • John Warden, QB OVR=66-50-86-Scrambling-$1.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Amir Muhammad, Minnesota WR. OVR=48-48-78-Blocking-$1 Mil-PED User
  • Liam Busch, Northern Colorado TE. OVR=64-51-79-Strength-$1.5 Mil-Arrogant
  • Jamie Werder, Texas WR. OVR=56-51-72-Kick Returning-$1.5 Mil-Overreactive

Minnesota FreezeEdit

  • Brandon Knox, Penn St. RB, OVR=77-75-92-Agility-$3.5-Arrogant
  • Oscar Wahl, WR OVR=47-46-54-Agility-$1 Mil-Humble
  • Ben Stabler, Pittsburgh WR. OVR=53-45-66-Quickness-$.5 Mil-Arrogant
  • Brian Lowe, Rhode Island OG. OVR=52-45-69-Footwork-$.5 Mil-Focused
  • Grady Chambers, Vanderbilt C. OVR=70-56-84-Long Snapping-$2 Mil-Downer
  • Alejandro Felton, UTEP DT. OVR=48-45-75-Special Teams-$1.5 Mil-Arrogant
  • Darrin Bundy, Ball St OLB. OVR=47-45-81-Agility-$1.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • Michael Torry, Texas A&M CB. OVR=53-45-98-Tackling-$1.5 Mil-Focused

Omaha OutlawsEdit

  • Ricky Hernandez, California RB, OVR=66-61-88-Catching-$.5 Mil-Thug
  • Aaron Cordova, Minnesota K. OVR=73-69-94-$1 Mil-Hardworking.
  • Wesley Zavala, Baylor RB, OVR=51-45-79-Blocking-$3.5 Mil-Leader

New York Bone Crushers:Edit

  • Matt Paris, QB OVR=52-45-69-Playcalling-$1 Mil-Focused
  • Clark Templeton, Nebraska WR. OVR=71-58-88-Agility-$1.5 Mil-Greedy
  • Bernard Holter, Buffalo ILB. OVR=57-52-78-Speed-$1 Mil-Focused

Second Rate PlayersEdit

Any team can fill up their roster with players that have an OVR from 30-40, a minimum of 25-30, a maximum of 40-55, a cost of $.5 Mil, a random skill, and a random personality. All teams must just specify which positions they want second rate players from.