Moon Monsters

Owner: Cian Argyle


We are the Miami Monsters!!!! We are the most successful team in sim football history after winning the last superbowl in the old era and the first superbowl in the new era. We are led by Coby O'Connell who is arguably the best quaterback in the game. We have other great players such as Joel Morrissey, CJ Bostic and Anderson Peck. After the first season in the new era we relocated from the Moon to Miami to be closer to the other teams. Our owner and GM Cian Argyle is a great owner who has ran 3 successful franchises including the Moon / Miami Monsters, the Hawaii Huricanes and the Denver Danglers!!! 

Retired Numbers : # 88 Javier Castano, #22 Jesse Nyquist and # 99 Chester Zuniga

Stadium: The Nyquist Dome (named after previous star nunning back Jesse Nyquist)

Stadium Capacity: 79,000

Mascot: Mackie the Monster

Payroll: 189 Million Dollars

Cap Room: 190 Million Dollars


  • Jonathan Winkler, Monsters HC, hardworking players improve faster
  • Wyatt Bilson, Monsters AC, Leaders improve faster
  • Roger Patrick, Monsters OC, Centers and Offensive Guards improve faster
  • Keith Barr, Monsters DC, Safeties improve faster
  • Landon Guillory, Monsters STC, Punters improve faster.
  • Jared Reid, Monsters S&C, Major injuries occur less often


QB # 12 Coby Oconnell, Washington, OVR=100-84-100-ArmStrength-$10 Mil (5)-Hardworking

QB # 2 Kendall Stephenson, Syracuse, OVR=54-47-89-Scrambling-$1 Mil (1)-PED User

QB # 14 Ryan Anderson, Illinois, OVR=56-53-99-Scrambling-$2.5 Mil (5)-Hardworking

RB # 25 Rasheed Edmonds, Connecticut, OVR=72-70-100-Tackle Breaking-$7.5 Mil (3)-Hardworking

RB # 44 Zach McNally, Western Michigan, OVR=67-60-97-Blocking-$4.5 Mil (3)-Disciplined

RB # 30 Miguel Cordova, Memphis, OVR=49-48-93-Tackle Breaking-$2 Mil (1)-PED user (DRUG SUSPENSION, OUT UNTIL WEEK 7)

WR # 87 Joel Morrissey, Georgia Tech, OVR=96-75-100-Agility-$9 Mil (1)-Arrogant

WR # 81 Taylor Henderson, Wisconsin. OVR=93-78-100-Speed-$8 Mil (3)-Leader

WR # 83 Justin Law, Arkansas St. OVR=88-82-99-Route Running-$6 Mil (4)-Humble

WR # 19 Jerome King, Boise St. OVR=68-59-97-Moves-$5.5 Mil (2)-Hardworking

WR #17 Keegan Shirley, Alabama, OVR=47-45-76-Jumping-$1 Mil (2)-Leader

TE # 80 Jesse Brothers, West Virginia. OVR=95-87-100-Hands-$5 Mil (4)-Humble

TE # 49 Dane Corey, Georgia, OVR=58-45-87-Speed-$1.5 Mil (3)-Disciplined

TE # 89 JaHenry Stuart, Northwestern, OVR=55-45-62-Agility-$1.5 Mil (1)-Focused

OT # 78 Sheldon Murray, Maryland, OVR=88-88-96-Pass Block-$7 Mil (2)-Leader

OT # 72 Ivan Thorne, Michigan St. OVR=79-57-91-Footwork-$5.5 Mil (3)-Leader

OT # 65 Michael DeAngelo, Troy, OVR=64-45-83-Arm Strength-$1 Mil (2)-Hardworking

OT # 63 Patrick Hoery, Ohio St, OVR=49-45-89-Toughness-$1.5 Mil (4)-Hardworking

OG # 60 Bill Greene, Iowa, OVR=93-67-96-Run Blocking-$6.5 Mil (3)-Arrogant

OG # 64 Tyson Moody, South Florida. OVR=82-75-98-Toughness-$5.5 Mil (3)-Hardworking 

OG # 70 James Hurley, Notre Dame, OVR=68-49-79-Special Teams-$1 Mil (1)-Leader

OG # 71 Victor Hannah, Kent St, OVR=65-63-95-Strength-$3 Mil (3)-Leader

C # 77 Caleb Dietz, Appalachian St. OVR=81-68-98-Strength-$3.5 Mil (2)-Disciplined

C # 61 Michael Thomas, Florida, OVR=69-54-98-Strength-$1.5 Mil (4)-Humble

C # 62 Kaleb Anthony, South Carolina, OVR=69-66-79-Longsnapping-$3 Mil (4)-Focused

DE # 91 Devin Petty, Duke, OVR=89-80-92-Pass Rush-$5.5 Mil (3)-Hardworking

DE # 90 Mark Grubb, Alabama. OVR=77-59-100-Agility-$4.5 Mil (3)-Hardworking (PLAYS AT -5 UNTIL WEEK 4)

DE # 97 Sebastian Beavers, Tuskegee, OVR=56-51-98-Toughness-$2.5 Mil (2)-Greedy

DE # 93 Jared Ratliff, Fresno State, OVR=54-54-87-Size/Ball Swatting-$.5 Mil (3)-Humble

DT # 68 Allan Ball, Ohio St., OVR=89-81-93-Weight-$7 Mil (1)-Leader

DT # 94 Julius Wolfe, South Carolina, OVR=92-48-96-Pass Rush-$7.5 Mil (4)-Focused

DT # 98 Benedict Elper, Purdue. OVR=70-65-100-Toughness-$3 Mil (2)-Hardworking (PLAYS AT -3 UNTIL WEEK 6)

ILB # 52 Anderson Peck, Nebraska, OVR=94-69-100-Tackling-$9 Mil (5)-Greedy

ILB # 58 Darrin Horton, Middle Tennessee, OVR=64-51-80-Size-$1.5 Mil (2)-Humble

ILB # 50 Julian Florence, Albany, OVR=60-51-65-Pass Coverage-$2 Mil (2)-Leader

OLB # 51 Titus Jordan, Cincinnati, OVR, 89-80-99-Special Teams-$5 Mil (3)- Hardworking

OLB # 96 Derrick Curry, UCLA, OVR=90-88-99-Run Stopping-$5.5 Mil (1)-Leader

OLB #53 Patrick Shy, Old Dominion, OVR=53-49-99-Moves-$1.5 Mil (3)-Disciplined

OLB # 58 Austin Middleton, Tulane, OVR=53-45-95-Special Teams-$1.5 Mil (2)-PED User

CB # 24 C.J. Bostic, Mississippi St., OVR=92-76-98-Intercepting-$8 Mil (4)-Focused

CB # 31 Tyrone Baker, Georgia. OVR=87-45-97-Pass Coverage-$5.5 Mil (3)-Hardworking

CB # 38 Kai Christenson, Georgia Southern, OVR=70-66-83-Speed-$3.5 Mil (1)-Disciplined

CB # 23 Julio Kennedy, Liberty, OVR=47-47-69-Kick Returning-$1.5 Mil (1)-PED User (DRUG SUSPENSION, OUT UNTIL WEEK 7)

CB # 37 Quinfermiah Brown, Appalachian St., OVR=45-45-79-Jamming-$1.5 Mil (4)-Arrogant

SS # 42 Giovanni Bacon, Wisconsin, OVR=76-51-99-Tackling-$7.5 Mil (1)-Greedy

FS # 48 Zyq Underwood, Miami (FL), OVR=95-48-100-Pass Coverage-$7 Mil (2)-Arrogant

S # 47 Josiah Rennick, Hawaii, OVR=48-45-99-Strength-$1.5 Mil (6)-Hardworking

S # 45 Grant Gary, Evanston, OVR=47-45-69-Kick Returning-$1 Mil (1)-Overreactive

K # 3 Eugene Roth, Notre Dame OVR=66-59-78 (2)-$.5 Mil-Leader.

P # 8 Grant Beach, UCLA OVR=70-60-89-$1 Mil (2)-Disciplined