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The team is caled the Minnesota Freeze. They play in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and are a new version of the former Team Yisus/Universal Greatness/Nagasaki Ninjas franchise. 

Colors: Black, Ice Blue, Silver, Navy, White, Violet

Stadium: The Freezer

Stadium Capacity: 70,087

Stadium Food: The Favorite meal at "The Freezer" is a freezerburnt microwave pizza. A lot of food is either frozen or freezerburnt. No hot beverages are allowed into the stadium, especially coffee. Snow cones and Italian Ice are common desert items, and the favorite snack is cold popcorn.

Owner: Micah Greenberg


  • Jackson Payne, Ninjas HC, Players who went to college in SEC Improve faster
  • Keith Slayton, Ninjas AC, Players who went to college in ACC improve Faster
  • Arnoldo Torres, Ninjas OC, Players who went to college in Pac-12 improve faster
  • Drew Gallant, Ninjas DC, Linebackers improve faster
  • Hudson Pence, Freeze STC, Kick and Punt Returners improve faster.
  • Dalton McBride, Freeze S&C, Minor injuries occur less often


Current Cap Number: $161.5 Mil

QB #15 Shayne Southman-Jordan, Oregon St., OVR=96-56-99-Scrambling-$7 Mil (2)-Hardworking

QB #3 Perry Zamora, LSU, OVR=64-50-78-Arm Strength-$1 Mil (4)-Overreactive

QB #11 Connor Valentin, Georgia Southern, OVR=31-27-51-Playcalling-$.2 Mil (1)-Focused

RB #34 Colby Johnson, Oregon St., OVR=96-59-99-Agility-$5 Mil (3)-Arrogant

RB #29 Bryan Glenn, Nebraska, OVR=58-48-81-Kick Returning-$2.5 Mil (3)-Humble (Kick Returner)

RB #21 Brandon Knox, Penn St. OVR=76-75-92-Agility-$3.5 Mil (2)-Arrogant

WR #87 Jordan Sandoz, Virginia, OVR=100-85-100-Hands-$8.5 Mil (5)-Disciplined

WR #18 Tyler Gibson, San Diego St., OVR=79-46-95-Speed-$5 Mil (2)-Leader

WR #81 Erik Richardson, New Mexico St., OVR=58-45-100-Toughness-$2 Mil (3)-Hardworking

WR #85 Oscar Wahl, Rutgers, OVR=47-46-54-Agility-$1 Mil (2)-Humble

WR #10 Ben Stabler, Pittsburgh OVR=53-45-66-Quickness-$.5 Mil (4)-Arrogant

WR #83 Carson Goodrich, Youngstown State, OVR=35-31-49-Stength-$.2 Mil (1)-Disciplined

TE #84 Julian Joiner, Baylor. OVR=99-68-99-Run Blocking-$7.5 Mil (4)-Focused

TE #82 Matthew Garza, Miami (FL). OVR=89-75-93-Size-$6 Mil (3)-PED User

TE #88 Benji Wilson, Vanderbilt, OVR=75-66-79-Run Blocking-$3 Mil (4)-Leader

TE #80 Andrew Jenkins, Auburn, OVR=72-45-87-Size-$1.5 Mil (1)-Disciplined

OT #72 Franklyn Danner, LSU, OVR=96-68-98-Arm Strength-$5 Mil (3)-Humble

OT #77 Asher Freeman, Baylor, OVR=82-56-89-Pass Blocking-$4 Mil (1)-Hardworking

OT #64 Dennis Singleton, BYU. OVR=71-64-85-Run Blocking-$4.5 Mil (2)-Disciplined

G #61 Ed Buckler, Yale, OVR=93-51-97-Strength-$3.5 Mil (2)-Hardworking

G #66 Mario Thorne, Washington, OVR=96-58-100-Pass Blocking-$3.5 Mil (4)-Humble

G #65 Brian Lowe, Rhode Island, OVR=53-45-69-Footwork-$.5 Mil (3)-Focused

G #67 Ian Bullard, Colgate, OVR=37-26-52-Pass Blocking-$.3 Mil (1)-Greedy

C #68 Nicolas House, Villanova, OVR=83-81-94-Footwork-$4 Mil (3)-Greedy

C #71 Matt Pugh, Louisville. OVR=66-54-96-Pass Block-$1 Mil (2)-PED User (DRUG SUSPENSION-OUT UNTIL WEEK 7)

C #60 Grady Chambers, Vanderbilt OVR=71-56-84-Long Snapping-$2 Mil (1)-Downer (Longsnapper)

C #70 Finn Robison, Temple, OVR=65-49-100-Toughness-$2 Mil (3)-Leader

DE #96 Dante Jolly, Oklahoma, OVR=86-47-98-Pass Rush-$6 Mil (4)-Arrogant

DE #90 Jesse Roush, Rutgers. OVR=89-83-95-Size/Ball Swatting-$6 Mil (3)-Focused

DE #95 Sebastian Roslin, TCU, OVR=66-66-77-Size/Ball Swatting-$4 Mil (2)-Thug

DE #69 Travis Hodge, Central Michigan, OVR=49-49-54-Speed-$2 Mil (1)-Leader

DT #92 Dee Springs, Georgia. OVR=93-81-95-Weight-$7.5 Mil (3)-Thug

DT #99 Michael Wheatley, LSU, OVR=83-56-86-Run Stop-$5.5 Mil (3)-Hardworking

DT #98 Alejandro Felton, UTEP, OVR=47-45-75-Special Teams-$1.5 Mil (1)-Arrogant

OLB #59 Maurice Bateman, Washington St., OVR=98-67-100-Pass Rush-$6 Mil (4)-Arrogant

OLB #50 Edward Farabaugh, Ohio St. OVR=97-58-97-Pass Rush-$7.5 Mil (4)-Greedy

OLB #54 Leroy Macklin, Rutgers. OVR=74-64-89-Pass Coverage-$4 Mil (3)-PED User (DRUG SUSPENSION, OUT UNTIL WEEK 7)

OLB #52 Darrin Bundy, Ball St, OVR=49-45-81-Agility-$1.5 Mil (2)-Hardworking

ILB #52 Brandon Cunningham, Missouri OVR=96-71-99-Run Stopping-$7 Mil (4)-Leader

ILB #55 Ted Murray, BYU, OVR=94-79-97-Tackling-$6.5 Mil (2)-PED User (DRUG SUSPENSION, OUT FOR SEASON)

ILB #51 William Quick, USC, OVR=59-48-84-Agility-$1 Mil (1)-Disciplined

ILB #58 Giovanni Latham, Duquesne, OVR=34-33-50-Special Teams-$.2 Mil (1)-Thug

CB #31 Trevor Harden, Ohio St., OVR=93-80-99-Pass Coverage-$6.5 Mil (3)-Hardworking

CB #24 Jackie Service, UCLA. OVR=90-59-100-Jamming-$6.5 Mil (3)-Lazy

CB #26 Matt Iverson, Ball State, OVR=60-52-95-Kick Returning-$3 Mil (1)-Leader

CB #27 Michael Torry, Texas A&M, OVR=55-45-98-Tackling-$1.5 Mil (2)-Focused

S #41 Jabari Jarvis, Clemson, OVR=95-89-99-Intercepting-$6.5 Mil (2)-Leader

S #39 Rowan Lawson, Penn St., OVR=95-64-97-Tackling-$3.5 Mil (3)-PED User

S #20 Noah Carlisle, Southern Mississippi, OVR=55-45-81-Kick Returning-$.5 Mil (2)-PED User (Punt Returner)

S #22 Joel Westbrook, Eastern Washington, OVR=36-30-43-Reading QB-$.2 Mil (1)-Overreactive

K #4 Rafael McDowell, Wake Forest. OVR=88-87-96-$1 Mil (3)-Arrogant. (OUT UNTIL AT LEAST PLAYOFFS)

P #7 Aden Crawford, Vanderbilt. OVR=93-79-99-$.5 Mil (3)-Humble.