MVP VotingEdit

There were 50 voters, each determining 1st place vote (4 points), 2nd place vote (2 points), and 3rd place vote (1 point).

  1. Vincenzo Berlin, Cherubs QB (117)
  2. Coby O'Connell, Monsters QB (79)
  3. Casper Willington, Aardvarks RB (69)
  4. Damon Boyce, Outlaws QB (24)
  5. Joel Morrissey, Monsters WR (15)
  6. Shayne Southman-Jordan, Ninjas QB (11)
  7. Chester Zuniga, Outlaws DE (8)
  8. Tanner Flaherty, Outlaws RB (7)
  9. Everett Simpkins, 'Mericans WR (6)
  10. Jordan Sandoz, Ninjas WR (5)
  11. Dante Paquette, Cherubs WR and Anderson Peck, Monsters ILB (3 each)
  12. Kwame Gebrezghi, 'Mericans DT (2)
  13. Joaquinn Hoffmann, 'Mericans OT (1)

Offensive Player of the YearEdit

50 people gave only first place votes.

  1. Vincenzo Berlin, Cherubs QB (22)
  2. Casper Willington, Aardvarks RB (11)
  3. Coby O'Connell, Monsters QB (9)
  4. Damon Boyce, Outlaws QB, and Joel Morrissey, Monsters WR (3 each)
  5. Tanner Flaherty, Outlaws RB, and Jordan Sandoz, Ninjas WR (1 each)

Defensive Player of the YearEdit

50 people gave only first place votes.

  1. Chester Zuniga, Outlaws DE (21)
  2. Anderson Peck, Monsters ILB (9)
  3. Kwame Gebrezghi, 'Mericans DT (8)
  4. Ezekiel Clarke, Aardvarks DT (4)
  5. Mo Hamilton, 'Mericans CB (3)
  6. Jabari Jarvis, Ninjas S (2)
  7. DeSharquan Jones, Cherubs CB; Brandon Cunningham, Ninjas ILB; Julius Wolfe, Monsters DT (1 each)

Coach of the YearEdit

Jonathan Winkler, Monsters

Runner Up:

Shawn Brooks, Aardvarks

First Team All ProEdit


QB: Vincenzo Berlin, Cherubs

RB: Casper Willington, Aardvarks

WR1: Joel Morrissey, Monsters

WR2: Jordan Sandoz, Ninjas

WR3: Everett Simpkins, 'Mericans

TE: Tim Hatcher, Cherubs

LT: Joaquinn Hoffman, 'Mericans

RT: Franklyn Danner, Ninjas

LG: Mario Thorne, Ninjas

RG: Bill Greene, Outlaws

C: Kevin Ponder, Outlaws


LDE: Chester Zuniga, Outlaws

RDE: Adrian Abbott, Cherubs

DT1: Kwame Gebrezghi, 'Mericans

DT2: Ezekiel Clarke, Aardvarks

LOLB: Maurice Bateman, Ninjas

ROLB: Winston Barbosa, Monsters

MLB: Anderson Peck, Monsters

CB1: Mo Hamilton, 'Mericans

CB2: DeSharquan Jones, Cherubs

FS: Jeremy Bishop, Aardvarks

SS: Jabari Jarvis, Ninjas

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