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Bone Crushers

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Current Cap Number: $179.5 Million

Cap Space: $195 Million

  • Caleb Anderson QB, North Carolina, OVR=80-80-91-Release-$5 Mil (1)-Lazy
  • Aaron Lynch, QB OVR=69-62-75-Playcalling-$3 Mil (3)-Humble (OUT FOR SEASON)
  • Matt Paris, QB OVR=51-45-69-Playcalling-$1 Mil (1)-Focused
  • Shawn Young, RB, Oregon, OVR=96-85-96-Speed-$9 Mil (4)-Greedy
  • Chris Boomer RB, Alabama, OVR=81-65-85-Catching-$4 Mil (4)-Thug
  • Shane Perry RB, Penn State, OVR=52-52-94-Size-$3.5 Mil (4)-Lazy
  • Corey Masters, WR OVR=75-63-82-Speed-$4 Mil (3)-Downer
  • Eric Roberts WR, Washington. OVR=75-75-89-Diving-$5 Mil (2)-Disciplined
  • Will Bush WR, Troy, OVR=70-70-70-Agility-$4.5 Mil (1)-Thug
  • Roy Thomas, WR OVR 61(60,70)-Diving: $3.5 Mil (2). Arrogant
  • Jason Rock WR, Marshall, OVR=57-48-90-Kick Returning-$1.5 Mil (1)-PED User
  • Clark Templeton, Nebraska WR. OVR=71-58-88-Agility-$1.5 Mil (1)-Greedy (OUT UNTIL AT LEAST WEEK 4)
  • Josh Gerber TE, Arizona, OVR=94-78-98-Moves-$5 Mil (4)-Arrogant
  • Brandon Durbin TE, Washington. OVR=77-59-97-Pass Blocking-$3.5 Mil (2)-Leader
  • Ryan Schuster TE, Michigan, OVR=70-70-79-Run Blocking-$3.5 Mil (1)-Greedy
  • Joaquin Hoffmann, OT, (WTM Franchise) Mississippi St., OVR=100-93-100-Weight-$7.5 Mil (5)-Disciplined
  • Gavin Schulte, OT, Notre Dame. OVR=90-78-99-Strength-$6.5 Mil (3)-Overreactive
  • Xavier Craft OT, Washington St., OVR=77-45-100-Footwork-$5 Mil (1)-Arrogant
  • Arthur McDonald, OT, Sam Houston St, OVR=61-53-88-Longsnapping-$2.5 Mil (3)-PED User
  • Lawrence Shafer G, Virginia, OVR=87-78-93-Arm Strength-$4.5 Mil (2)-Focused
  • Bryan Sledge G, Nebraska, OVR=75-54-100-Agility-$3.5 Mil (4)-Thug
  • Landry Paulson G, McNeese St., OVR=72-59-81-Toughness-$1.5 Mil (1)-PED User
  • Domenic Champagne G, McGill, OVR=30-28-43-Endurance-$.2 Mil (1)-Overreactive
  • Dominic Grizman C, Cincinnati, OVR=90-56-95-Run Blocking-$3.5 Mil (4)-PED User
  • Jon Thornhill C, Syracuse, OVR=64-50-88-Strength-$1 Mil (1)-Hardworking
  • Ervin Albury, C, Sacred Heart, OVR=31-31-40-Snapping-$.2 Mil (1)-Lazy
  • Jackson Dunlap, DE, LSU. OVR=95-78-100-Pass Rush-$8 Mil (3)-Thug
  • Elias Katz DE, Troy. OVR=66-55-79-Run Stop-$2.5 Mil (2)-PED User
  • Kameron Webber DE, Connecticut, OVR=62-46-92-Size-$3.5 Mil (4)-Focused
  • Bruce Moses DE, Albilene Christian, OVR=62-52-66-Weight-$1.5 Mil (1)-PED User
  • LeTroy Jamison DT, Grambling, OVR=87-63-95-Agility-$4.5 Mil (4)-PED User
  • Chad Gaunce DT, UCLA. OVR=77-51-83-Size-$5 Mil (3)-Lazy
  • Eli Willis, DT, OVR=61-50-84-Weight-$3 Mil (2)-Leader
  • Ervin Walker DT, Connecticut, OVR=59-59-92-Toughness-$4 Mil (3)-Greedy
  • Andre Withers OLB, Virginia Tech, OVR=80-80-96-Agility-$6.5 Mil (1)-Lazy
  • Evan Newsome OLB, Florida St. OVR=79-71-85-Strength-$5 Mil (3)-Overreactive
  • Abraham Masters OLB, Michigan, OVR=67-49-91-Special Teams-$6.5 Mil (1)-Focused
  • Jesse Harper OLB, Temple, OVR=60-45-75-Size-$1 Mil (2)-Hardworking
  • Brett Tillman ILB, Ohio St., OVR=76-49-96-Speed-$6 Mil (1)-Lazy
  • Wesley Brenner ILB, Butler, OVR=78-70-85-Strength-$4.5 Mil (3)-Thug
  • Nathan Early ILB, Illinois, OVR=73-55-92-Pass Coverage-$3.5 Mil (4)-PED User
  • Bernard Holter, Buffalo ILB. OVR=57-52-78-Speed-$1 Mil (1)-Focused
  • Mo Hamilton CB, Houston, OVR=95-75-99-Intercepting-$7.5 Mil (4)-Arrogant
  • Bubba Jenkins CB, Alabama, OVR=80-77-96-Speed-$5.5 Mil (4)-Humble
  • Stephen McEachem CB, Delaware, OVR=52-45-82-Agility-$1 Mil (4)-Hardworking
  • Michael Lloyd CB, Rhode Island, OVR=40-41-22-Deflecting-$.2 Mil (1)-Humble
  • Rashaud Sky S, Washington, OVR=75-75-91-Jamming-$4.5 Mil (1)-Focused
  • Reggie Daniels S, Oregon. OVR=82-62-85-Speed-$5.5 Mil (3)-Arrogant
  • Jamie Bonds S, Temple, OVR=80-49-85-Strength-$5.5 Mil (2)-Thug
  • Dane Jennings S, Richmond, OVR=51-50-56-Kick Returning-$.5 Mil (4)-Leader
  • Julius West S, Clemson, OVR=57-53-87-Deflecting-$1 Mil (1)-Humble
  • Solomon Richard K, Fresno St. OVR=84-59-95-$.5 Mil (2)-Focused.
  • Allen Michaels, P, Middle Tenessee. OVR=55-51-89-$.5 Mil (1)-PED User.

Coaching StaffEdit

  • Aidan Odom, Bone Crushers HC, Focused Players improve faster
  • Alfred Chelsea, Bone Crushers AC, Nearly no chance of arrest or suspension.
  • Joseph Swanson, Bone Crushers OC, Runningbacks improve faster
  • Rob Danhiael, Bone Crushers DC, gain 5 million cap space.
  • Ethan Lamb, Bone Crushers STC, Special teamers who went to college west of the Mississippi River improve faster.
  • Beau McCoy, Bone Crushers S&C, opponent has more injuries.

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