OVR=OVR-Lowest possible-Highest possible-Best Skill (Not for Kickers or Punters)-Cost-Characteristic


College SeasonEdit

Four Playoff Teams: Georgia (1), Oregon (2), Ohio St. (3), Wisconsin (4)

Finals: Georgia over Ohio St.

Playoffs MVP: Dee Springs, Georgia DT

Heisman Champ: Shawn Young, Oregon RB

Other 2 Finalists: Ty Henderson, Wisconsin RB; Edward Farabaugh, Ohio St. OLB


  • Allen Marcus, North Carolina. OVR=79-71-85-Pocket Passing-$2.5 Mil-Lazy
  • Matt Wilson, Miami (FL). OVR=73-65-88-Playcalling-$1 Mil-Leader
  • Ryan Anderson, Illinois. OVR=55-53-99-Scrambling-$2 Mil-Hardworking


  • Shawn Young, Oregon, OVR=95-85-96-Speed-$9 Mil-Greedy
  • Brandon Knox, Penn St., OVR=77-75-92-Agility-$7 Mil-Arrogant
  • Rasheed Edmonds, Connecticut, OVR=71-70-100-Tackle Breaking-$7.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • Ricky Hernandez, California, OVR=66-61-88-Catching-$4.5 Mil-Thug
  • Wesley Zavala, Baylor, OVR=51-45-79-Blocking-$3.5 Mil-Leader

Wide ReceiverEdit

  • Antonio Osgood, Syracuse. OVR=95-91-97-Size-$7.5 Mil-Focused
  • Taylor Henderson, Wisconsin. OVR=92-78-100-Speed-$8 Mil-Leader
  • Justin Law, Arkansas St. OVR=87-82-99-Route Running-$6 Mil-Humble
  • Dakota Compton, Clemson. OVR=82-67-95-Hands-$7 Mil-Downer
  • Eric Roberts, Washington. OVR=75-75-89-Diving-$5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Clark Templeton, Nebraska. OVR=71-58-88-Agility-$8.5 Mil-Greedy
  • Jerome King, Boise St. OVR=66-59-97-Moves-$5.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • Cyprus Archer, Marshall. OVR=58-46-77-Stength-$4 Mil-Lazy
  • Jamie Werder, Texas. OVR=56-51-72-Kick Returning-$3 Mil-Overreactive
  • Ben Stabler, Pittsburgh. OVR=53-45-66-Quickness-$2.5 Mil-Arrogant
  • Amir Muhammad, Minnesota. OVR=48-48-78-Blocking-$1.5 Mil-PED User

Tight EndsEdit

  • Julian Joiner, Baylor. OVR=98-68-99-Run Blocking-$7.5 Mil-Focused
  • Jesse Brothers, West Virginia. OVR=95-87-100-Hands-$5 Mil-Humble
  • Matthew Garza, Miami (FL). OVR=87-75-93-Size-$6 Mil-PED User
  • Brandon Durbin, Washington. OVR=77-59-97-Pass Blocking-$3.5 Mil-Leader
  • Logan Boyle, Navy. OVR=69-54-86-Route Running-$2.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • Liam Busch, Northern Colorado. OVR=64-51-79-Strength-$3 Mil-Arrogant
  • Dane Corey, Georgia. OVR=58-45-87-Speed-$1.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Angel Valdez, San Diego St. OVR=53-53-69-Long Snapping-$2 Mil-Greedy

Offensive TacklesEdit

  • Samuel Cash, Maryland. OVR=95-89-96-Pass Blocking-$7 Mil-Downer
  • Gavin Schulte, Notre Dame. OVR=90-78-99-Strength-$6.5 Mil-Overreactive
  • Henry Mulligan, Oregon. OVR=83-75-89-Size-$5 Mil-Humble
  • Ivan Thorne, Michigan St. OVR=77-57-91-Footwork-$5.5 Mil-Leader
  • Dennis Singleton, BYU. OVR=71-64-85-Run Blocking-$4.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Nelson Frost, Southern Illinois. OVR=67-55-77-Agility-$3.5 Mil-Arrogant
  • Vince Kaiser, Tulane. OVR=64-48-100-Weight-$3 Mil-PED User
  • Steven Lockwood, Missouri St. OVR=55-51-78-Arm Strength-$1.5 Mil-Focused
  • Graham Wilks, Bowling Green. OVR=51-45-94-Special Teams-$2 Mil-Greedy
  • Patrick Hoery, Ohio St. OVR=47-45-89-Toughness-$.5 Mil-Hardworking


  • Ashton Odell, Texas. OVR=92-90-100-Run Blocking-$6.5 Mil-Thug
  • Owen Hitchcock, Minnesota. OVR=85-78-89-Weight-$5 Mil-Humble
  • Tyson Moody, South Florida. OVR=79-75-98-Toughness-$5.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • David Lee, Virginia. OVR=74-68-93-Pass Blocking-$3.5 Mil-PED User
  • Lincoln Kidd, Oklahoma St. OVR=68-56-87-Size-$4.5 Mil-Greedy
  • Victor Hannah, Kent St. OVR=63-63-95-Strength-$3 Mil-Leader
  • Trenton Burkett, Ohio St. OVR=55-54-74-Agility-$2 Mil-Arrogant
  • Brian Lowe, Rhode Island. OVR=52-45-69-Footwork-$1 Mil-Focused
  • Gregory Jackson, Northern Iowa. OVR=47-47-88-Arm Strength-$.5 Mil-Lazy


  • Kyle Darby, Wisconsin. OVR=89-81-92-Run Block-$4.5 Mil-Lazy
  • Caleb Dietz, Appalachian St. OVR=80-68-98-Strength-$3.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Grady Chambers, Vanderbilt. OVR=70-56-84-Long Snapping-$2.5 Mil-Downer
  • Matt Pugh, Louisville. OVR=65-54-96-Pass Block-$1 Mil-PED User
  • Jacoby Alexander, Connecticut. OVR=54-45-79-Footwork-$.5 Mil-Overreactive

Defensive EndsEdit

  • Jackson Dunlap, LSU. OVR=95-78-100-Pass Rush-$8 Mil-Thug
  • Jesse Roush, Rutgers. OVR=88-83-95-Size/Ball Swatting-$6 Mil-Focused
  • Stephen Swan, Marshall. OVR=82-75-91-Moves-$5.5 Mil-Arrogant
  • Mark Grubb, Alabama. OVR=74-59-100-Agility-$4.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • Elias Katz, Troy. OVR=65-55-79-Run Stop-$2.5 Mil-PED User
  • Mason Pemberton. Penn St. OVR=61-48-82-Strength-$1.5 Mil-Humble
  • Sebastian Beavers, Tuskegee. OVR=56-51-98-Toughness-$2 Mil-Greedy
  • Dustin Bright, Nevada. OVR=50-45-79-Weight-$.5 Mil-Leader

Defensive TacklesEdit

  • Dee Springs, Georgia. OVR=92-81-95-Weight-$7.5 Mil-Thug
  • Erasmus Toney, Oregon. OVR=85-78-98-Run Stop-$6 Mil-Downer
  • Chad Gaunce, UCLA. OVR=78-51-83-Size-$5 Mil-Lazy
  • Matt Brannum, Oklahoma. OVR=74-70-82-Pass Rush-$4 Mil-Leader
  • Benedict Elper, Purdue. OVR=67-65-100-Toughness-$3 Mil-Hardworking
  • Nigel Love, Marshall. OVR=59-45-69-Strength-$3.5 Mil-Greedy
  • Jimmy Nash, Louisiana Tech. OVR=53-52-84-Agility-$1.5 Mil-Humble
  • Alejandro Felton, UTEP. OVR=48-45-75-Special Teams-$1 Mil-Arrogant

Outside LinebackersEdit

  • Edward Farabaugh, Ohio St. OVR=97-58-97-Pass Rush-$7.5 Mil-Greedy
  • Rory Collinson, Minnesota. OVR=89-80-100-Speed-$6.5 Mil-Leader
  • Evan Newsome, Florida St. OVR=79-71-85-Strength-$5 Mil-Overreactive
  • Leroy Macklin, Rutgers. OVR=72-64-89-Pass Coverage-$4 Mil-PED User
  • Hank Warren, Troy. OVR=66-48-76-Run Stop-$2 Mil-Humble
  • Jamal Walters, Southern Mississippi. OVR=62-62-76-Toughness-$2.5 Mil-Arrogant
  • Patrick Shy, Old Dominion. OVR=53-49-99-Moves-$1 Mil-Disciplined
  • Darrin Bundy, Ball St. OVR=47-45-81-Agility-$.5 Mil-Hardworking

Inside LinebackersEdit

  • WIlliam Gordon, Auburn. OVR=87-49-99-Strength-$6.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Rex Hilliner, Stanford. OVR=62-55-84-Pass Coverage-$3.5 Mil-Overreactive
  • Bernard Holter, Buffalo. OVR=57-52-78-Speed-$2 Mil-Focused


  • Jackie Service, UCLA. OVR=90-59-100-Jamming-$6.5 Mil-Lazy
  • Tyrone Baker, Georgia. OVR=85-45-97-Pass Coverage-$5.5 Mil-Hardworking
  • LaRon Nordstrom, Illinois. OVR=67-65-93-Intercepting-$3.5 Mil-Greedy
  • Lee Reid, Ohio St. OVR=61-45-87-Deflecting-$2.5 Mil-Disciplined
  • Michael Torry, Texas A&M. OVR=53-45-98-Tackling-$1.5 Mil-Focused
  • Chris Gimenez, Wisconsin. OVR=49-48-86-Kick Returning-$1 Mil- Overreactive


  • Joss Dennison, Connecticut. OVR=87-58-93-Tackling-$6 Mil-Thug
  • Reggie Daniels, Oregon. OVR=81-62-85-Speed-$5.5 Mil-Arrogant
  • Otto Hertz, Missouri. OVR=72-69-89-Intercepting-$4 Mil-Humble
  • Jonnie Woodburn, Clemson. OVR=67-59-71-Coverage-$3.5 Mil-Greedy
  • Isaac Berk, Temple. OVR=57-47-87-Reading QB-$2 Mil-PED User
  • Jere Whitesides, Georgia. OVR=51-48-77-Kick Returning-$1 Mil-Leader
  • Josiah Rennick, Hawaii. OVR=45-45-99-Strength-$.5 Mil-Hardworking


  • James Hokulelele'ikianamo'aka'ulani (AKA James Hokulei and Honolulu Hokulei), Hawaii. OVR=99-89-100-$.5 Mil-Humble
  • Joshua Roper, UCLA. OVR=91-90-100-$1 Mil-Disciplined.
  • Rafael McDowell, Wake Forest. OVR=87-87-96-$1 Mil-Arrogant.
  • Solomon Richard, Fresno St. OVR=84-59-95-$.5 Mil-Focused.
  • Austin Wynn, Michigan St. OVR=78-65-98-$1.5 Mil-Greedy.
  • Aaron Cordova, Minnesota. OVR=73-69-94-$.5 Mil-Hardworking.
  • Eugene Roth, Notre Dame. OVR=65-59-78-$1 Mil-Leader.
  • Ryan Smith, Tulane. OVR=57-42-88-$.5 Mil-Overreactive.
  • John Thome, Missouri. OVR=49-45-99-$.5 Mil-Thug.


  • Brock Carrier, Florida. OVR=97-59-100-$1.5 Mil-Lazy
  • Aden Crawford, Vanderbilt. OVR=92-79-99-$.5 Mil-Humble.
  • Levi Cox, Houston. OVR=85-82-95-$1.5 Mil-Downer.
  • Timothy Campbell, Southern Mississippi OVR=79-45-80-$1 Mil-Leader.
  • Dalton Huang, Massachusetts. OVR=74-70-99-$1 Mil-Hardworking.
  • Grant Beach, UCLA. OVR=68-60-89-$.5 Mil-Disciplined.
  • Brayden Jewels, Colorado. OVR=60-45-99-$1.5 Mil-Greedy.
  • Allen Michaels, Middle Tenessee. OVR=53-51-89-$.5 Mil-PED User.
  • Chris West, UNLV. OVR=45-45-65-$.5 Mil-Focused.

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